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Favorite Projects
Carmine Schulze, our web designer, uses Webflow, an innovative design program which gives websites impressive features for today's modern browsing. Webflow helps Carmine build beautiful websites that flow seamlessly from desktop to phone. It also has amazing animation tools to give websites added visual interest and pizzazz!

View a sample of favorite websites below that Carmine has designed. Check back again for more projects she is currently working on...

Handyman Services
Residential Window Washing
UT Mathematics Professor
Impressive design using Webflow. Subtle animation adds visual interest. Photos display well what company offers. *

Great photos and useful information for potential customers. Site created using latest responsive design techniques. *
Website showcases professor's research and publications well. Site designed for distinct views on all devices. *

Handcrafted Custom Guitars
UT Sociology Professor
Mid-Century Doors & Entries
Impressive images make this website standout. Photo enhancements such as croppings and shadows add to site.

Professor's career and family life are nicely intertwined. Books and publications she has written are displayed well.

Site features user friendly gallery and contact form. Decorative logo, fonts, and colors are used throughout.

UT Mathematics Professor
Cannon Carriage Parts
Auxier & Associates
This academic website showcases professor's research, publications, and presentations.
Site displays nice layout of photos and company info. Clickable images show enhanced product detail.
Website has pleasing layout, useful details, and great display of photos. Vibrant color scheme adds to site.
  Designed for optimal viewing on all devices

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